Sweet 16 Bollywood Dance Party at Sunshine Studio, featuring Emily Lindholm
Saturday 9/8/18, 6:30-9:30pm, FREE

Help us celebrate 16 years in business at Sunshine Studio with a "Costume Required" Bollywood Dance Party.  Doors open at 6:30, Bollywood Dance Lessons with Emily Lindholm begin at 7:00pm (we will be learning THREE dance moves), Dance Party 7:30-9:30.  Light, Indian refreshments and drinks will be provided.  We will also offer a FREE photo booth to capture your party look.  This party is open to all patients, clients, students and friends.

Costumes: We ask that men wear white and women wear a sari wrap.  Theatrical makeup is encouraged.

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Mudras, Mythology & Movement with Emily Lindholm
$25 each class, $45 for both

Wednesday 10/17/18, 7:00-9:00pm - Come sit and enjoy the stories of Saraswati, Parvati, and Durga. Practice mudras associated with these stories and learn some poses as well. We’ll practice moving from one mudra to another, and one pose to another. We will not be sitting the whole time, but bring something cozy to sit on for the story telling, like a meditation cushion.  Blocks and blankets are available to borrow.

Friday 10/19/18, 7:00-9:00pm - This night will be playful. We will practice movements and learn some simple choreography with music. This is not about getting anything perfect, but rather being given something to have fun with. We’ll channel our own inner divine essence through this movement, tapping into a deeper part of ourselves that recognizes the wisdom found in Indian mythology.

  • Learn ancient stories of Hindu Mythology
  • Practice story telling through movement
  • Embody ancient wisdom
  • Channel the Essence of our own Divinity
  • Resurrect an Ancient art form
  • Learn to be more playful
  • Move into your body, open your heart, quiet your mind     
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