“Peaceful and relaxing.”

The environment of the studio is very peaceful and relaxing. From the moment I walk in the door, I can feel my brainwaves quieting. I definitely recommend this studio.

— Celeste

"Saved me from the injuries . . .”

I started taking classes at Sunshine Yoga and was hooked. Anusara yoga is great for me because of the emphasis on alignment, which has definitely saved me from the injuries I had been experiencing in other classes.

— C

"The inviting physical space and the caring, competent teachers make attending yoga at Sunshine a warm-spirited experience different from what I've found in any other class."

— AS



“A place to call HOME.”

I’d run into Kelli and her lovely smile on several occasions over the years either in some training Sunshine was hosting or out on the town at an Art event, wherever you meet her she’ll feel familiar, comfortable and friendly.  She does not meet a stranger!  So when I landed at Sunshine in search of a Yoga studio that would teach the teacher and allow me to deepen my practice I was literally “At Home”!  There I’ve had the pleasure of practicing and learning under Nancy Bounds and her infectious laugh.  Forgot your yoga pants, here we’ve got a pair, a shirt, take this one, forgot your deodorant and it’s 100 degrees “girl please”…Even more than this, they believe in you, not only are they confident they encourage and instill that level of love in others.  Not pretentious., Nancy will have you hoisted in a headstand before you can say “I don’t think so” and have you laughing all the while on your way up!  There’s Betty upstairs, run up and say “hi” for just a whiff of her comforting space for all measures of body work.  Then they added Carolyn Celestine with her detail for alignment, and her eager will to share possibility!  The teachers at Sunshine do not put themselves above anyone, they form no “cliques” they welcome all, no matter your age, race, ethnicity, shape or size.  You’ll make friends., there’s no show boating, the other students are welcoming, space holding and friendly. 

Come as you are., Sunshine is open to new offerings and supporting students interests., I’ve attended book readings and other open minded community building offerings. 

 A well respected studio in the KC Metro area, they keep no secrets they truly share the “Gift” of practice.

 Since I’ve been practicing at Sunshine I know that I’ve found my tribe and “myself” and I continue to feel supported in finding my own vibe!Thank You Sunshine!

— Celestine


"I go there for yoga, NSA, and massage therapy, and I’ve taken yoga from both teachers. The studio is customer oriented. If you like to feel taken care of, this is the place for you. The practitioners are experts. They always answer my questions. They always relieve my aches. Every time I leave, I’m happier, more flexible, less ache-y, and—I swear it—taller."
Dawn Downey

Because "It" Works

I have been seeing Dr. Kelli for over 6 years for (NSA) chiropractic/energy work and there are endless reasons why I keep coming back to Sunshine Studio for her care.

A clean, comfortable, relaxing and toxin-free atmosphere with flexible scheduling is offered.  The gentle, non-forceful bodywork includes a combination of physical, mental and emotional care that reaches a holistic approach to the well-being of my body, mind and soul.  I have superior trust that nothing will be done to me that I don’t want and often times different options are offered for how I’m doing or feeling on a particular day.  She also provides take home self care suggestions when they would be helpful for ongoing support between visits.

Dr. Kelli is far different than most, okay all, practitioners I know and see.  She is an excellent listener, passionate about helping others, has the ability to inspire hope when things seem dark, and not only treats your symptoms, but genuinely cares for you and the potential you have to enjoy life.  There is no judgement, only acceptance in the space of her energy and care.  The way she shares and spreads kindness is a gift we all need a dose of daily.  Her knowledge base is very broad, including nutrition and supplements, and will offer referrals that I can trust to try with confidence outside her studio.  She has this unique ability to connect her work of passion, her clients’ (humanity) and deep holistic healing all into one process and does it with grace and ease.  Dr. Kelli manages her healthcare business with honesty and the highest of integrity.

In a simplistic summary, there’s only one main reason why I keep returning...because “it” works.  What she does and how she does “it” works!  All the things I’ve mentioned are present at Sunshine Studio in beautiful balance for the healing of my soul.  I feel better, thing better, look better, move better and live better.  What can be better than that?  I arrive in all sorts of physical and emotional stress, and leave feeling joyfully grateful I visited Dr. Kelli.

- Julie Kittinger, RN, Energy Healer and Dog Whisperer