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Yoga Teachers


Nancy Bounds, E-RYT 500

Yoga Studio Manager

Nancy began her practice of yoga in 1999 after receiving a diagnosis of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. She had to retire from her corporate job of 28 years with AT&T to take care of herself and restore her health. Initially, yoga was just another alternative therapy to help ease her through the pain and sleeplessness of the disease.  As often happens with a yoga practice, awareness began to unfold, bodily changes occurred and she was hooked!

Nancy began her study of Anusara Yoga in Kansas City with Sujata Stephens and then began to study and take teacher training from John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga.  She has taken teacher training from some of the best yogis in the states:  Betsey Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, Doug Keller, Suzy Hurley, Jenny Otto, Moses Brown and Marsha Nielandto to name a few.  She continues to study with nationally recognized teachers and is hooked on anatomy and alignment and making yoga accessible to all bodies.  

To date, she has over 12,000 hours in teaching experience and brings a sense of humor and challenge to each of her classes.  She is able to relate to those students who have body challenges as well as to those able bodies needing a deeper practice. 

When not in the yoga studio, she can be found cooking, outside gardening or selling homes (she is a licensed realtor in Missouri and Kansas).


Betty Mantz, LMT, CMT

Movement Therapy Teacher

Betty is an experienced licensed massage therapist that specializes in many modalities including sacro-occipital technique, swedish massage, deep massage, hot stones, reiki, integrative movement, pilates, yoga and foam roller therapy.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her Stretch & Restore class.  Expect this class to be therapeutic, relaxing and energizing.


Carolyn Celestine, RYT 200

Carolyn has studied and practiced Hatha yoga for over 35 years.  She studied Iyengar and Anusara yoga under the tutelage of Sujata Stephens.  She received her 200 hour teacher certification in 2012 at Darling Yoga from Christy Burnette.  Since completing her teacher training, she has taught yoga at Integrity Martial Arts and has been a substitute teacher at Yoga Gallery teaching basic yoga.  She also teaches chair yoga at a senior citizen facility.

Carolyn trained with senior Anusara teachers, Christy Burnette, Desiree Rumbaugh and Christina Sell.  She also completed a teacher training intensive with Max Strom (A Life Worth Breathing), Suzette Scholtes (Yoga School of Therapeutics), Aadil Palkhivala (Purna Yoga Centers), and Matthew Sanford (Yoga Transformation).  She is one of Desiree Rumbaugh’s Wisdom Warriors (Yoga for 50+).

Carolyn's style is purposeful and intentional with emphasis on the process rather than the pose.  Her goal is to show people how to listen to their body through breathing, alignment and movement.  Her purpose is to empower others to be the best they can be and to find the joy and peace that a yoga practice can bring.


Ramaa Bhasin, RYT500

Ramaa was born and raised in India. Her grandparents lived with her for many years. During that time, she was exposed to her grandparent’s practice of yoga, meditation, philosophy and Sanskrit chanting.

That beam of inspiration found its way into her adult life, when she started practicing yoga to find deliberate and mindful movement to balance the frenzied energy of modern life.

Her 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Shakti in southern California as well as a 200 hour teacher training at Darling Yoga KC, enabled her to explore the ancient classical traditions of breath and movement. Her 500 hour teacher training with Yoga Shakti deepened her practice and allowed her to focus on the subtle sensations of the body and hone her teaching skills.

Ramaa brings soft and spirit-lifting sequences to her classical based classes. She aims to spark creativity and energy with Pranyama, and mantras for healing of the body and mind. Delving into Philosophy and Mythology as she weaves in stories during class is her passion.



All Levels Vinyasa Flow

This class is available for all levels.  From absolute beginners to experienced yogis.  The poses are basic and move slowly, with a strong emphasis on breath.  Because this class moves continuously, you can expect to feel some internal heat.  Vinyasa Flow is simultaneously energizing and relaxing. 

Beginner/Level I Hatha

This class focuses on stretching and basic poses.  The emphasis is on alignment.  You can expect short pauses between poses and possibly some partner poses.

Level II/III Hatha

This class includes basic poses with inversions and arm balance poses.  There is the expectation that you have some experience with yoga.  The emphasis is on alignment.

Movement Therapy

This class teaches the basics of movement therapies for self healing, using the Foam Roller prop in a wide variety of ways. It’s a FEEL GOOD class! 

Every class is a little bit different, but ALWAYS includes:                                                                                                                       -Conscious breathing techniques for Mind-Body connection                                                                                                        -Stretching and articulation of the spine in flexion and extension and side bending                                                                              -Basic principles of core development and strengthening                                                                                                                 -Use of the Foam Roller prop for structural alignment and self myofascial release                                                                 -Stretching of all muscle groups and ROM exercises for joints. 

There is a 7-10 minute shavasana which includes head massage. 

All Levels Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a beginner to intermediate class that uses a chair as a prop.  Using a chair helps with balance, stability and strength. Chair yoga is highly recommended for those with restrictions due to surgery, injury or anatomical asymmetries.  It is also recommended for office workers (you can do this at work), the elderly and those balance issues.

Chair Yoga provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved with a gentle form of yoga.   The teacher will focus on the breath, posture, relieving neck & shoulder tension, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, strength and balance.  Hatha Yoga postures will be included.  Learn yoga skills you can easily practice from your chair and throughout your day. 

NOTICE: Sunshine Studio (built in 1929) is not Handicap Accessible.  There are 5 steps at our gate.



1 Class - $12 (expires in 1 day)

5 Classes - $55 (expires in 30 days)

10 Classes - $105 (expires in 60 days)

20 Classes - $190 (expires in 90 days)

New Student First Class - $8 (expires in 1 day)





"I started taking classes at Sunshine Yoga and was hooked. Anusara yoga is great for me because of the emphasis on alignment, which has definitely saved me from the injuries I had been experiencing in other classes." - Celeste